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Frequently Asked Questions

= most frequently asked questions

In no more than 100 words, tell me how does the system work?

You choose the speech - or speeches - that you want from any of 10 different speech categories. You add your selected speech(es) to your shopping cart. When you finish shopping you proceed to the checkout and pay for everything by credit card.

Almost instantly, your speech(es) is delivered to you by email. You also receive by email a password key to a special online web page where you can access and edit and print your speech(es). The good news is that can instantly save up to 40% off the price of everything you buy with our popular discount coupons - available at the checkout.

How many different categories of speeches are there on the web site?

There are 14 different categories of speeches on the need-a-speech web site. These are: Best Man, Father of the Bride, Groom, Birthday, Anniversary, Motivational, Golf, After-Dinner, Retirement, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, First Holy Communion, Welcome and Thank you speeches.

If you click on the icon representing any of these speech categories you will open the page outlining all the speeches available in that individual category.

How come there is a far better selection of speeches available in some categories than in others?

That's because there is a greater demand for some types of speeches than others. And I've been writing the speeches in response to the market demand. But if you'd like me to write a speech for you, let me know.

What happens when I click on the icon for one of the speech categories?

You are very welcome to click on any of the icons and explore the entire site. Stay as long as you like having a good look around, read the opening lines of the different speech pre-views and scroll down the different pages.

Imagine you are in a market strolling from stall to stall looking at what each speech has to offer you. And if you like the look of something and want to linger longer and find out more about it, click on the preview speech button and read the entire preview.

What happens when I click on the speech preview button?

What happens is that you'll immediately see the full speech pre-view on the right hand column of the page. You'll see the price of the speech and you'll see what exactly your order includes e.g.: Coping with nerves (10 top tips), My first speech (A professionally prepared advice leaflet showing you how to go about writing a speech of your own for the available resources.) Plus you will see a button inviting you to add this speech to your cart.

What's the point of including an advice leaflet showing me how to go about writing a speech of my own when I'm actually buying a speech at the same time?

Good question. And there's a good answer to it too. Of course you are buying a speech. And we hope that you'll be delighted with the speech that you buy. But as a member of the Speech Writers' Guild, we know from long years of experience of writing speeches that everyone has their own story, or their own special person to thank, or their own favourite witticism or joke that they may like to include in their own personal speech.

So the purpose of including this leaflet is to show you how to put together a speech - to give you a template, as it were, for creating a very special and memorable speech for yourself. By taking you step by step through the different processes that I myself went through when I was creating and writing my first speech I aim is to give you an insight into how to structure a well worded speech and where, and how best to incorporate your own personal stories and jokes into your purchased speech.

This leaflet is free. It's for you! And just about everyone tells us that they find it very useful.

How do I pay for my speech(es)?

Payment is by VISA, MasterCard or Laser Card or Paypal. All orders are placed over our 100% safe and secure servers and your personal information is GUARANTEED to be safe.

When do I get my speech?

Instantly! Your speech(es) is emailed to you instantly.

What happens is that you get an email with a Adobe PDF attached to it which you can access immediately. You will also get your own confidential code number which allows you to access your speech from a private web page immediately following your order. You can access your private web page from anywhere in the world and you can access your speech(es) as often as you wish.

For example, you could access your speech from a friends' house and you could read through it together, making any changes along the way that you wish. You can also access it online and go through it together with a friend in another country or location. And yes! You can print out the speech as often as you wish.

Will I receive a hard-copy of my speech or ebook in the mail?

No! That's the beauty of, everything is online and instant. There is no delay whatsoever. You can instantly download your speech or your ebook into your own system immediately, or if you prefer you don't download it at all. You view it on your special password protected website and make whatever changes or add-ons that you wish before you print it out, or save it to your own computer.

Will I get my money back if I am not satisfied with what I buy?

Yes! Satisfaction is guaranteed. "If you are not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 90 days for a full refund. Just contact us by email and let me know.

What happens to the speech or the ebook if I ask for my money back?

You may keep the speech(es) free, with my compliments - that way, you risk nothing. I take all the risk. I can't be fairer than that - can I?

What happens when I select a speech and add it to the cart?

When you add your selected speech to the cart, you will immediately see the shopping 'cart' page which will feature: The name of your speech and the ID for the speech (this ID is for our admin system use). You will also see the total price of your speech in US$.

If you are satisfied with what you see you may proceed to the checkout by clicking on the 'Proceed to checkout' button or you may continue shopping by clicking on the 'continue shopping button. This will bring you back to the need-a-speech web site where you may, if you wish, choose another speech to add to your shopping cart.

You may add as many - or as few - speeches to your shopping cart as you wish. Remember, you haven't purchased anything at all until you pay by credit card at the checkout.

So you are welcome to have fun and see how the discount systems works by adding extra speeches to your shopping card and then discarding them later, if you wish, before you proceed to the final checkout.

Tell me about the discount coupons - how do they work?

Simple! The more speeches you buy the more money you save on every single item you buy. If you buy two items you save 20% on each item - in other words you get both items at 80% the cost of each. If you buy 3 items you save 30% on each item, if you buy 4 items you save 40% on each item you buy.

Who does the discount calculations? is programmed to do all the calculations instantly for you. Try it out and see for yourself how the coupon system works. It's very quick. And it's very impressive too!

Don't forget that before you proceed to the checkout you can delete any surplus speeches in your cart that you don't want.

Hey! I used the coupon discounts and I got 4 speeches for only a few $ more than the cost of buying 3 speeches... how can that be?

It's because our discounts apply to everything you buy. If you buy 4 speeches you qualify for the top 40% discount on everything you buy.

Effectively, this means that the 4th speech is a really good bargain!

Does the top 40% discount apply to 'The Best Man's Livesaver' Ebook as well?


Do I have to buy all my speeches from the same category?

No! You can select the speeches you want from anywhere on the need-a-speech web site.

For example, a groom at a wedding could select a speech for himself from the Groom speech selection. He could them go on to select a father of the bride speech for his new father in law to be, and he could select the best man's life saver Ebook for his best man. And to make absolutely sure that he got the full 40% discount he could select a motivational speech for use in the office, or even a good golf winners' speech to have in his back pocket for the next big game?

What is the Speechwriters' Guild?

"There is a guild called The Speechwriters' Guild for professional writers who specialize in writing speeches" - Wikipedia. is a full member of this Guild. No other online speech web site service is a member of the Speechwriter's Guild. As you can see, since 2009 we qualify to feature their logo on our web site.

As well as standing for quality and satisfaction, what else does The Speechwriters' Guild logo stand for?

It stands for professionally written speeches - speeches that are 100% suitable for an audience of all ages to hear. You will find no bad language, smutty jokes, inappropriate references, double meaning play on words or inappropriate innuendos in any of these speeches. They are 100% professionally written for public speaking in a public place.

Why should I buy a speech here when there are so many speeches available in cyberspace for free?

This is your decision entirely. But one of the reasons why we set up this web site in the first place was to save our customers the time and the trouble of spending hours - sometimes days - trawling the web looking for suitable speeches to use on their own special occasion or event.

What we provide you with here is a quality selection professionally written speeches that we guarantee you are suitable for everyone to give and to hear. Not only are our speeches good to give and good to hear... but Hey! ... they are good fun too!

Go on! Try one and see. You really can't lose with our 100% guarantee.