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5. Motivational Leadership Speech: Small changes can produce big results!

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Sometimes it's the little changes that can make the big difference between a company - or a particular sales outlet or department - sinking or staying afloat during difficult times.

And yet, oddly enough, it's often the little changes that are the most controversial among employees and staff members.

I've heard it said that ... 'it would be easier to announce redundancies in this company than it would be to ask for changes in existing work practices.'

This is a speech which uses a 'sailing' example to explain to employees how changes in small things can create the successful leverage that is required turn the 'company ship' quickly and successfully in the required direction.

In many way, this is an 'introduction to change' speech. Its purpose is to give you the positive platform upon which you can announce the various changes that you have in mind for the immediate future.

Tackling a difficult problem is often a matter of seeing where the high leverage lies, the small changes which - with a minimum of effort - can lead to lasting, significant improvements in the current situation.

But announcing change is never easy - that's why included in this speech is my 6-points advice on "how to manage hecklers".

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